Great Decisions 2023

Topics Announced & Book Sales Now Open!

You are invited to join the dialogue about America’s future! The Foreign Policy Association has announced the topics for Great Decisions 2023. As the State Coordinator for the Great Decisions Books and Educational Materials, the Indiana Council on World Affairs offers the group discounts.

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As part of America’s largest discussion program on world affairs, in Indiana, groups around the state organize Great Decisions educational meetings to present lectures and facilitate discussion on the most critical global issues facing America today.

This year’s topics include:

  1. Energy Geopolitics
  2. War Crimes
  3. China and the U.S
  4. Economic Warfare
  5. Politics in Latin America
  6. Global Famine
  7. Iran at a Crossroads
  8. Climate Migration

These gatherings in schools, libraries, retirement communities, and community centers bring together those who want to understand the complex matters of world conditions.​

When you order your Great Decisions Briefing Book from the Indiana Council on World Affairs, at a group discount, we’ll mail it directly to your home or business. Plus, we’ll invite you to our ICWA Great Decisions 2023 Series.

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