Giant Traveling Map of Indiana

The Geography Educators’ Network of Indiana announces the newest classroom resource to enrich student Geographic literacy and to empower educators.  In order to improve access to the GTM IN, at no cost, the borrower must assist with map and resource trunk pick-up and delivery.  To schedule a school visit, contact GENI at the following e-mail:

The GTM IN measures 15 feet wide x 21 feet long; it rolls into 3 vertical sections of 5 foot widths for a carrying width of about 5 feet.  The GTM IN, then, rolls into a diameter of approximately 13”.  Next, the Map is bound by straps and fits into a large duffel bag measuring about 5 feet long.  The Giant Traveling Map of Indiana was designed for ease of transport in most vehicles.

The GTM IN Resource Trunk measures 2’ high x 18” wide x 3’ long, with wheels and a handle, and is full of the ancillary materials needed to successfully implement the available lesson plans:  plastic cones & chains, county cards, place-card holders, scale tools, images, and possible literature you may want to incorporate.       

Borrowing the GTM IN works best if you can locate other schools, libraries, museums, or businesses in your area that may also want to utilize the Map also.  In this fashion, we hope that the Map can travel the state being driven from location to location by the Borrowers. This saves on shipping expenses – enabling the Map to be loaned for free.

Want a GTM IN for your school/school corporation?


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