Indiana’s top high school 2022 ArcGIS Online Story Map Competition awardees 

1st Place – “The Blooming Flower Industry” by Evelyne, DeKalb High School

2nd Place –  “Murderous Hoosiers” by Harmony  and Orpheus, DeKalb High School

3rd Place – “His Walk to Fame: A Story Map About Michael Jackson’s Life” by Keira and Riley, DeKalb High School

4th Place – “Music in Indiana” by Destany and Kenzie, DeKalb High School

For more announcements about the ESRI National Middle & High School ArcGIS Online Story Map Competition, visit … state story map entries, participating states, competition information and more.

National story map winners are:
“Standing Alone” by Hannah Osborne (gr.11 from TN) and
“The Unexpected Modernism of the South” by Maya Trutschl (gr.8 from LA).

THANK YOU to all of the students, educators, state coordinators and national coordinators for their hard work and dedication to the spatial literacy of our future citizens!