About Us

The Geography Educators’ Network of Indiana, Inc. envisions an Indiana citizenry that is geographically literate – capable of solving problems and planning for the future from a spatial perspective.  GENI envisions every student mastering new geographic knowledge and skills every year at a school from a geographically literate educator – an educator capable of incorporating diverse geographically appropriate curriculum across disciplines.  GENI envisions business leaders and elected officials adequately informed about the geographic sense that impacts their decisions – patterns, relationships, distribution, human-environment interaction, geospatial technologies.  GENI envisions a citizenry that values Geography and geographic literacy as an integral part of everyday thinking.


Geography weaves the relationships between the human and physical aspects of our world.  The knowledge of geography empowers citizens and encourages responsible decision-making.  The Geography Educators’ Network of Indiana enthusiastically equips educators with distinctive resources, connections, and teaching concepts.  Indiana, thus, becomes a more effective participant in the global society. Because the study of Geography helps people understand, think knowledgeably, and make decisions about the world in which they live, and because Indiana interacts with the world at large, and every citizen in the state needs to be geographically literate, the Geography Educators’ Network of Indiana (GENI) exists to

  • promote the value and significance of geography in Indiana,
  • ensure the inclusion of Geography in the curricula of Indiana’s kindergarten through twelfth grade schools, colleges and universities,
  • provide opportunities focused on Geography training for Indiana educators, and
  • create and make available materials for the teaching and learning of Geography in Indiana.

Core Values

  1. Encourage and support Indiana educators at every opportunity.
  2. Professional conduct is employed at all times:  verbal, written, appearance.
  3. Exhibit respect and humaneness toward those GENI serves.
  4. Established procedures guide the organization in a fiscally and financially responsible manner.
  5. Respect for the disciplines: Geography and Education.