GENI Membership

Benefits of a GENI Membership

Join a dynamic and distinctive community dedicated to the enrichment of geographic literacy across the state of Indiana focusing on IN educators and students, but also including IN families, GIS/geo-spatial professionals, elected officials, decision-makers, business leaders, and citizens. GENI is the ONLY organization devoted to this mission! GENI offers professional development opportunities, classroom curriculum/lessons/activities/ideas/ connections and unique resources for PK-20 educators and professionals across all fields of study.

  • Professional Networking with Education Colleagues:
    GENI’s diverse Membership provides opportunities for meaningful connections at local/state/regional/national levels, allowing you to exchange ideas and experiences with fellow professionals.
  • Organizational Networking with GIS/Geospatial Professionals across diverse fields of study
    (environmental,hydrology, geology, public health, urban planning, census, transportation, education, government, space exploration, city/county/state/federal, agriculture, research and more): GENI’s diverse Membership and unique collaborations with state (and national) GIS (geographic information sciences/systems) and Geospatial Professionals provides opportunities for you and yours students to connect with 21st century knowledge, skills, technologies and careers …real-life applications and research in local/state/national/international/universal contexts.
  • Announcements regarding professional development opportunities, resources, conferences and more: stay informed about the possibilities and opportunities available to you and your students, your school and colleagues.
  • Connections for Externship Possibilities: Learning about and creating bridges to local GIS/geospatial opportunities enriches the possibilities for you and your students in learning more about modern geospatial technologies across all disciplines and employment potential.
  • Discount on GENI-sponsored Programs
  • Professional Growth Points / GISP Certification provided:
    GENI offers IN educators professional growth points, which are state education re-licensure requirements, and Geographic Information Sciences/Systems Professional recognition for those GIS professionals seeking to secure Certification.
  • Opportunities to Become a local/state/national Leader in Geography Education:
    GENI provides connections to other organizations also focusing on Geography Education Leadership practices, trainings, knowledge and skills development.
  • Small Grants available to GENI Members
  • Development of Leadership Skills: Engage in the future of Geography/Geographic Literacy in Indiana through participation in Geo-Professional Development, GENI Board of Directors, GENI Committees or other opportunities that ensure an organization functions and moves forward.
  • Website Access for Geography-related happenings
  • Consideration for the Indiana Geography-related Awards: IN Geography Educator of the Year Award, Friends of Geography, and Legion of Honor
  • Professional Development information:
    Remain up-to-date within the dynamic, diverse and unique SPATIAL field that is Geography, connecting to the Social Studies, Sciences and Technologies through the many offerings provided via GENI or partner entities/organizations.

GENI Membership Application