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A Sense of Place: Lincoln’s Indiana Boyhood Home[99,130 KB]
A Story in Stones[21,125 KB]
Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site
Abraham Lincoln Statue at Hodgenville (1,881 Kb)
Abraham Lincoln Statue at Louisville’s Waterfront Park (14,425 Kb)
Abraham Lincoln: More than a President (7,197 Kb)
Abraham Lincoln: More Than Just a President (7,197 Kb)
Abraham Lincoln: The Husband and The Father (2,285 kb)
Across the River to Freedom   Activity: A Series of Abraham Lincoln Activities for the Elementary Classroom (6,009 Kb)
Activity: Lincoln the Surveyor (6,113 Kb)
Activity: Lincoln’s New Salem Home (1,648 Kb)
Activity: The First Lady’s Table (60 Kb)
Activity: “Lincoln Says” (12 Kb)
Activity: Character Dramatization: Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Washington D.C. (35 Kb)
Activity: Compare and Contrast Hodgenville and Lexington, KY (162 Kb)
Activity: Create and Place an Abraham Lincoln Statue (45 Kb)
Activity: Developing a Field Journal (102,395 Kb)
Activity: Lincoln IN Projects (2,192 Kb)
Activity: Lincoln’s Indiana Home[2,809 KB]
Activity: Lincoln’s Life Jeopardy Game (297 Kb)
Activity: Lincoln’s Springfield Home (2,428 Kb)
Activity: Riding the Circuit (3,631 Kb)
Activity: Techno Lincoln (2,138 Kb)
Activity: The PLACES Lincoln Lived (31 Kb)
Activity: Thinkin’ Lincoln (a repetition chant for memorization purposes)
Activity: Woodworking Tools Matching Game (7,322)
Activity: Written Document Analysis Worksheet: Abraham Lincoln (33 Kb) Woodworking Tools Matching Game Answer Key (10,225 Kb)  
FILM Strategy in Louisville, Kentucky [2,192 KB]
FILM Strategy: Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site (419,006 Kb, this may take a minute or two to open)
Human and Environment Interaction: Lincoln’s New Salem State Historical Site (42,150 Kb)
Knob Creek Farm (11,900 Kb)
Lincoln at Louisville’s Waterfront Park: Abraham Lincoln Iconography [12,436 KB]
Lincoln Related Place Names: Lincoln Square in Decatur, Illinois (1,695 Kb)
Lincoln the Surveyor: Iconography (951 Kb)
Lincoln Trail Homestead State Park: Harristown Township, Macon County, Illinois (23,207 Kb)
Lincoln’s Backyards: Human Environment Interaction (6,716 Kb)
Lincoln’s Character [99,600 KB, 4 minutes 55 seconds]
Lincoln’s Kentucky Homes (5,521 Kb)
Memorializing Lincoln at the Louisville Waterfront Park [16,879 KB]
Memorializing Lincoln: Statues of Lincoln in Macon County, Illinois (23,983 Kb)
On the Circuit: Abe Lincoln Statue at New Salem (1,800 Kb)
Photographs and Images
Signs of Lincoln in Macon County, IL (26,966 Kb)
Statues Then and Now [17,725 KB]
The Sculptured Panels: Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial (2,856 Kb)
The Winter of the Big Snow (148 Kb)  
Video: Abraham Lincoln and His Dog, Honey (35,555 Kb, 1 minute 10 seconds)
Video: Abraham Lincoln and His Family Dog, Fido (13,346 Kb, 1 minute 6 seconds)
Video: Animals of Lincoln’s Life (31,462 Kb, 6 minutes 44 seconds)
Video: FILM Strategy: Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site (24,149 Kb, 2 minutes 27 seconds)
Video: Home Remedies of the 19th Century with Stephen Brown (338,975 Kb, 1 minute 40 seconds)
Video: Human-Environment Interaction: Lincoln Log Cabins (41,248 Kb, 3 minutes 34 seconds)
Video: Jobs at the Lincoln Boyhood Home with Mike Capps[12,381 KB, 1 minute 57 seconds]
Video: Lincoln and Decatur, Illinois (44,498 Kb, 5 minutes 41 seconds)
Video: Lincoln and Resources (26,994 Kb, 2 minutes 20 seconds)
Video: Lincoln the Worker (22,023 Kb, 4 minutes 44 seconds)
Video: Lincoln’s Character (99,600 Kb, 4 minutes 55 seconds)
Video: Mary Todd Lincoln Home: A Sense of Place [9,764 KB, 26 seconds]
Video: Repaying “the National Debt” (34,736 Kb, 7 minutes 19 seconds)
Video: The First Lady’s Table (45,121 Kb, 4 minutes 3 seconds)
Video: Toponyms: Abraham Lincoln (42,639 Kb, 3 minutes 44 seconds)
Video: Toponyms: Lincoln Ferry Park 
Video: Walking with Lincoln in Kentucky (54,822 Kb, 7 minutes and 41 seconds)
Video: What Did Lincoln See? What Do You See? (582,274 Kb, 6 minutes 57 seconds; this file may take a couple of minutes to download and open)
Video: Where Lincoln’s Lie (283,294 Kb, 13 minutes 44 seconds)