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    2023 Emerging Professional Group 2nd Research Competition

    Evansville, IN

    IGIC Emerging Professional Group
    2nd Research Competition

    Post-secondary students utilizing GIS in any application and for diverse purposes can enter, whether they
    are in a Geography/GIS course or not. Entrants can be undergraduate freshmen through graduates, can
    be using GIS for the first time or can be experienced GIS users. The first EPG Competition (December
    2022) had students using GIS for the first-time while exploring tornadoes & rural sirens/notifications in
    northern Indiana; waterways & invasive species; police response & use of force in Bloomington; crimes &
    bird protections in the U.K.; wetlands changes in Allen County; peacefulness of neighborhoods in
    Bloomington...and more. One of the graduate students focused on electric vehicle adoption in relationship
    to extreme temperatures. The students represent a wide variety of areas of interest/fields of study/visions
    of majors & minors.
    The Emerging Professional Group invites YOU and/or YOUR students to submit an abstract and/or to
    become involved with the Group. Benefits to EPG involvement include: meeting other students employing
    GIS/geospatial tools from a wide variety of backgrounds, experiences and fields of study; access to IGIC's
    professional development opportunities, which include webinars, in-person
    workshops/forums/conferences; networking with (Indiana's) GIS/geospatial professionals; connections to
    the most up-to-date geospatial tools, training, knowledge, research and individuals; inroads to GIS-related
    internships and employment across diverse fields; opportunities to contribute to policies and procedures
    navigating the direction in which Indiana GIS/geospatial technologies/data management heads...the
    EPG's participants futures!
    The EPG 2 nd Research Competition will be hosted at the 2023 IGIC Annual Conference (May 10 - 12, Evansville, IN).
    Many talented young Geospatial/GIS scholars have been enriching our Indiana GIS community.
    Meet our fellows and celebrate emerging GIS professionals’ contemporary work!
    If you or your students have questions, please contact Yuri Kim (
    If interested in participating, please, submit your abstract to Dr. Yuri Kim ( The abstract must include:
    the title, authors with affiliation, and description of your project (up to 250 words).
    Important Timeline
    - April 21, 2023: Deadline to submit your abstract
    - April 28, 2023: Announcing entrants invited to share their projects.
    All invited speakers will receive free one-day (Thursday) IGIC Annual Conference registration (meals included).
    - 1st place = $150
    - 2nd place = $100
    - 3rd place = $50
    All winners will receive an achievement letter from the current IGIC president.