Standard 5. Urban Growth

Lesson Plans and Activities:

Other Materials:

  1. Amazing Transportation (a collection of images from Janis Coffman, Decatur Middle School; Decatur, IN)
  2. Geography of Poverty: Case Study: Moçambique (Power Point by Dr. Rick Bein, IUPUI Department of Geography)
  3. Historical Oil and Natural Gas Exploration and Production in the United States via the USGS
  4. provides spatial data addressing the topic.
  5. National Geographic web site connections to “Cities, Challenges for Humanity”, an article on urban issues in the future with photos and further resource connections.
  6. Patterns and Processes (Power Point by Dr. Owen Dwyer, IUPUI Department of Geography)
  7. Population Reference Bureau (
  8. Transportation and the Environment (Power Point by Dr. Bill Black, IU Department of Geography)
  9. U.S. Census Bureau