Indiana Geography Awareness Week 2022 Postcard Contest Top 3

Geography – A World of Possibilities in YOUR Own Backyard

Brady @
Wea Ridge Middle School
“A beautiful morning in the city of Lafayette.”

THANK YOU to educator Michele Sanson for her dedication to include Geographic Literacy in the classroom!!!

Lyla @
Evansville Christian School
“Indiana has many farms. This looks like a regular backyard for many people in our state.”

THANK YOU to educator Katie Manning for her dedication to teaching quality, dynamic and accurate Geography education in the classroom!!!

Hannah @
Evansville Christian School
“The seasons in my backyardare special. It froze so much, our pool froze, and I could ice skate while it snowed. The trees were frosted, too, and backyard animals were going to hibernate.”

THANK YOU to educator Katie Manning, a 2019/2020 IN Geography Educator of the Year!